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We are Draper Cormack Group. A PR Firm in Wellington.

Entering (and winning!) awards can be hard work, but it also provides a lot of benefits. It gives you and your organisation validation for the work you do, which can be a huge morale booster. Also, being able to say you’re a national award winner demonstrates that you're better than just good at what you do. You're excellent.

This page has a list of some of the awards you can win in New Zealand. You can go straight to the awards' site from here or if you are interested in how we can help you with your entries you can read about us by clicking here, or if you just want to be reminded about a particular award, fill out our reminder form here.


Use the search box to look for awards relating to your industry or see the full list of awards below. The dates on each award are the due dates for entries based on 2016 and are subject to change. Click on the award to find out the categories.

If there is another award you know of and are keen to enter then let us know.

AT Draper Cormack GROUP, OUR awards' RECORD IS VERY GOOD

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We are Lou Draper and David Cormack from Draper Cormack Group. We are a Wellington PR firm who do things that other PR firms do - publicity, media engagement, reputation management, government relations, crisis communications etc. We are also very good at award entries.

Awards can be a resource intensive thing to enter. So often you don't bother because who has the time really? Getting yourself nominated is where we come in. We'll put together your nomination for you because we're very good at knowing how to describe what you do in the best way possible.

This website will tell you some of the awards in New Zealand. You can use it to find awards, register yourself if you want to or reach out to us for help.


We have a strong history of success in getting our clients to the finals of awards. We know how to present you in the best fashion and we save you the time it takes to submit award entries. The below is a representation of our success in just the last 12 months:


  • We wrote the nomination packs for five clients
  • Four became finalists across three categories
  • Of the six awards up for grabs, our clients won three of them - every category we had a client in, we won 
  • This included the top two awards - Young IT Professional of the Year, and IT Professional of the Year.


  • We put forward one of our clients for the 2016 Innovation Awards in the Innovation in Technology Solutions section. Not only did they become a finalist, but based off our nomination, they were also put in the Emerging Innovator Award category - one of the supreme awards, which they were highly commended in.


  • We put together the nomination pack for one of our clients who became a finalist.


  • Off the back of our earlier success with a client, they were asked by the organisers of the NZer of the Year Awards to nominate themselves for the New Zealand Innovator of the Year award.

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